5/5 – FireFly

Event: Live Music All Day Event!
Host: Phemie
Time: 12PM SLT to 4PM SLT
Location: Mirage
SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mirage/56/155/3003


5th May @ Firefly – Event:

12:00PM SLT (UK 20:00), (PN 15:00), (TN 14:00)

Mavi (Mavi Beck)


Mavi Beck is one of SL’s oldest indie DJs still in activity, inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange, Mavi owned and performed at Korova Milk Bar in the early days of the Second Life music scene. Currently, Mavi is a resident DJ at indie/alternative club Altitude, her vast music knowledge and adventurous aesthetic sense translates into a journey through sounds not often heard and always with good musical gems to be discovered. Influences range from David Bowie, The Cure, 1980s post punk, 1990s alt rock, and contemporary acts such as Editors.

13:00PM SLT (UK 21:00), (PN 16:00), (TN 15:00)

DD (Deceptionsdigital Resident)
(Techno, Ambient, Electronica producer)


One of the most fascinating and somewhat mysterious musicians in Second Life, DD (Deception Digital) makes electronic music in what she describes as “mind pictures”, fusing different genres together; at times ambient, other times house or meeting techno. Such musical cocktail can oftentimes be reminiscent of Kraftwerk or New Order crossing over with Boards of Canada, Four Tet or Aphex Twin. Like time travel one can very quickly be transported from the West Berlin of the late 1970s or 1980s to Manchester and the British electronic revolution of the late 1980s or early 1990s, usually in touch with the elements of contemporary electronic music with DD’s unique signature.

14:00PM SLT (UK 22:00), (PN 17:00), (TN 16:00)

ƈǟǟֆɨ (Caasi Ansar)
(live musician, vocals, acoustic guitar, folk, smooth, various)


With a passion for sharing her music with the Second Life community and an established name over the years in the live music scene, Caasi has found from a very young age to present day that music is her life. With her smooth style, mellow voice and acoustic performance, Cassi is inspired by names ranging from Dylan to Baez or Bright Eyes and Radiohead.

15:00PM SLT (UK 23:00), (PN 18:00), (TN 17:00)

Sqυεεкz (Beth Innovia) & Ⓒyte (Cyte Chrome)
(drum n bass)


A drum and bass DJing and producing double act featuring on the grid since for the last decade since the old days of Bassline Island, Beth enjoys involving the crowd on variety of smooth, chilled and deep liquid vibe as Cyte likes to push the envelope with a more dance orientated and heavier sound. The fusion of both styles results in a very exclusive sonic experience, transporting the listener on a voyage through the diverse corners of the drum and bass world. As a curiosity and a loving story; Beth and Cyte met on Second Life in 2010 and are now married in Real Life.